There has been a huge trend towards consumers who are cutting back on their meat consumption for both health and sustainability reasons. Mintel’s recently published Meat Free Foods 2017 Report finds that over a quarter (28%) of British people have reduced or limited their meat consumption in the last six months. This isn’t just a fad though as Mintel also found that 14% of adults are interested in reducing their meat, poultry and fish intake in the future.

Health seems to be the motivating factor, with almost half of those questioned saying that they would like to reduce their meat intake for health reasons. Weight matters and concern over animal welfare are significant drivers too.

The movement towards meat reduction has been influenced by national campaigns such as Meat-Free Mondays and Veganuary as well as the impact of healthy eating bloggers and vloggers. Numbers of ‘flexitarians’ – people who combine a vegetarian diet with a little meat, fish and poultry – are expected to further grow while the number of vegetarians and vegans is also on the increase. These new and expanding consumer groups will drive development of new products in the vegetarian category, which is already showing significant growth. Flexitarians are a discerning consumer group, and want better tasting products that are ever more reminiscent of meat; this requirement is bringing even more pressure on NPD departments to be creative.

According to Innova Market Insights, meat substitute product launches accounted for almost 14% of all new ‘meat’ launches tracked in West Europe in Q3 2015, compared to 6.3% tracked in Q3 2011. It is clearly a growing category and new ingredients are now available to offer a tasty and natural alternative to meat, poultry and fish.

For food manufacturers expanding their meat-free offerings but at the same time seeking an alternative (for example) to soya, Thew Arnott offers a full range of exciting ingredients from its exclusive partner Loryma GmbH.

TruTex® is a neutral tasting texturised wheat protein that can be used for the preparation of any food to improve structure and to provide excellent protein enrichment; TruTex® is a high quality alternative to meat, poultry and fish. Halal and Kosher certified as well as being non-GM, TruTex® provides a foundation for many new food concepts and innovations. The applications of TruTex® are numerous – it can be used as a complete or partial replacement for meat, poultry and fish in traditional dishes, such as spaghetti bolognaise or lasagne, fast food such as burgers and sausages. From pies to pizza toppings, if the product contains meat, poultry or fish then TruTex® can be used beneficially. TruTex®is also ideal for creating low carbohydrate or low fat products too.

If required Loryma can also offer functional binding and stabilizing systems, these are available from their Lory Com, Lory Fix & Lory Bind ranges.

For more information on the Loryma range of Meat free & Vegan ingredients visit our Products page, or contact us on 01244 280 190.

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