Orangutans at Chester Zoo


We’re delighted to become a corporate sponsor of a group of Bornean Orangutans called Martha, Sarikei, Leia, Willie, and baby Tombol, plus solitary male Tuan who live at Chester Zoo.

As a supplier of ingredients featuring Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil, helping to fund the vital work that Chester Zoo does in ensuring the future survival of these wonderful creatures was a natural fit.

Last year it was announced that Bornean Orangutans moved one step closer to extinction due partly to the disappearance of their natural habitat from intensive farming for palm oil. The announcement of the birth of baby Tombol in April this year was a great boost for the conservation programme but the splendid work that Chester Zoo undertakes in conservation of endangered species can only take place with funding.

Chester Zoo’s curator of mammals, Tim Rowlands, said:

“Bornean orangutan numbers are plummeting at a frightening rate. A major threat to the survival of these magnificent creatures is the unsustainable oil palm industry which is having a devastating effect on the forests where they live. They are also the victims of habitat loss and illegal hunting.

“Those who are responsible for their decline have pushed them to the very edge of existence – and if the rate of loss continues, they could very well be extinct in the next few decades.”

Chester Zoo is working on projects to help educate students, as well as plant thousands of trees in the Orangutan’s natural habitat. The money raised from sponsors will go directly towards these projects.

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