Specialist ingredients supplier to the food, beverage and confectionery industries has launched Ceromag, an extract of liquorice root powder which can be used to intensify and enhance existing sweetness making it ideal for reduced sugar confectionery, food and beverages.

Ceromag can also be used to mask bitter or salty flavours across a range of food applications, for example in Seville marmalade, where it serves to mask the naturally bitter taste of the orange.

The product’s excellent performance at high temperatures makes it suitable for the production of foods such as reduced-sugar fruit jams.

Ceromag is produced using the active ingredient in liquorice called Glycyrrhizin which is between 50 to 100 times sweeter than sucrose and so very little is required to attain sweetness. The natural vegetable origin of Ceromag means that the product is suitable for use in both vegetarian and vegan food products and is also E-Number free.

Please visit our partner company C E Roeper for more information

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