We’ve recently been highlighting to customers the importance of ensuring that organic lecithin is used in the manufacture of organic finished products, including remoulding chocolate mass. This is following changes to EU legislation which came into force in January 2019*.
“From the start of the year, all products that claim to be organic and include lecithin as an ingredient must also use organic lecithin in production. In the past non-organic lecithin was permissible and products could still be labelled as organic,” explains Thew Arnott sales manager David Messum-Jones
“Transparency throughout the food supply chain has never been higher on the agenda for consumers and thus the food industry is responding accordingly. If a finished product is labelled as ‘organic’ then consumers need to have complete confidence that the product they are buying is exactly what it says it is on the label,” he explains.
“Changing to organic should not cause manufacturers any production issues as dosage rates should remain like-for-like and it should be a straightforward swap”.
Thew Arnott offers a range of organic lecithins under its LeciTAs® brand, including soya (liquid and deoiled powder) and sunflower (liquid and deoiled powder). Available in pack sizes as small as 20kg, Thew Arnott’s organic lecithin is Soil Association certified and produced in a BRC certified production facility.


For more details on the new legislation

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