Authentic Meat Alternative: wheat-based vegan bacon

Vegan Bacon - Picture Courtesy of Loryma GmbH

Vegan Bacon – Picture Courtesy of Loryma GmbH

Our Partner LORYMA, an expert in functional wheat ingredients, has developed an innovative concept for vegan bacon that perfectly replicates the sensory characteristics of its meaty counterpart. The expected mouthfeel is achieved by the wheat-based binding component Lory® Bind, while a matching bacon spice blend guarantees authentic taste. Thanks to uncomplicated production and easy preparation, the concept is ideal for use in the convenience and food service segments.

Consumer demand for authentic plant-based alternatives to popular meat products is growing steadily. As a result, there is a need for product innovations that are easy to process and prepare and are convincing in terms of sensory properties. That is why LORYMA has developed a perfectly balanced recipe for bacon based on wheat ingredients, which food manufacturers can use to expand their vegan product range.


The link explains a bit more background Vegan Crispy Bacon





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