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barrier security & protective coating

Various confectionery

Extrinsic impacts on our customer's products, e.g. moisture or oxygen causes products to spoil/degrade faster. Barrier systems help prevent this, as well as improving convenience like chocolate coated nuts not melting in your hands. Different ingredients have different barrier properties.

dispersion, emulsification, fat absorption & 

powder instantisation

Emulsion and drinks

In the food business, not all ingredients mix well. Emulsifiers, surfactants or emulsifying ingredients are required to give expected results. Our naturally derived, in-house produced lecithin systems work well alone or along with other ingredients in our portfolio.

friction reduction, lubrication, release & 

rheological control,

Baking belt

In mixing dough or producing extrudates, specific mechanical energy is needed for good dispersion of ingredients. This could be achieved with a range of products, lowering energy input and enhancing homogeneity. Rheological control in a lot of applications is needed to get 'any'product flow at all and how far it flows under controlled conditions.

micronutrition & organoleptic enhancement

Nutritious Food

Vitamins and minerals but also proteins are key on nutrition fortification, the use of enzymes could be beneficial to create better digestible products e.g. by breaking down proteins to amino acids or modify lactose to galactooligosacharides, which essentially are soluble fibres and improve gut health.

shelf-life extension & texturisation 


Shelf-life is not always a matter of food degradation by bacteria, yeasts and or moulds but mostly on the palatability of the food. If it loses moisture and dries out the joy might be diminished. For nearly every category of food there are different ways to keep them fresh and appealing for a prolonged time. The same is valid to texture – we might love the flavour of a food but the texture and thus the mouthfeel is a deterrent. Our ingredient portfolio captures a wide range of ingredients, applied at the right stage and in combination with the main ingredients will enhance the texture and thus indulgences in the food.

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