Chester Zoo Orangutan Kesuma

Renewing adoption of the Bornean Orangutans at Chester Zoo for 2021

We have just renewed our adoption of the Bornean Orangutans at Chester Zoo for 2021. Chester Zoo has been at the forefront of change, making Chester the world’s first sustainable palm oil city. This and our company as champions in the region had been featured on BBC Inside Out North West in March 2019.

As Chester Zoo is closed due to the COVID-19 measures, there are plenty of ways available on their website to help them: Support Us | Chester Zoo

The feature on BBC could be found here:



Sustainability Starts at the Source – Shellac Sourcing in India

We believe sustainability starts at the source and much like Thew Arnott, Tajna Shellac is a company striving for sustainability. Our recent visit to Khunti, gave us a deeper insight to the Shellac process, but more importantly we witnessed first-hand the positive impacts the Tajna Shellac has on the local environment. To read the full […]

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