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Thew Arnott

Join us on our journey 

From Ingredients to Solutions


Who are we?

We are Thew Arnott

A 6th generation UK family business established in 1864- 

when Lincoln was President 

and Victoria was Queen


What are we?

We are a company of gravitas.

Built brick-on-brick through exclusive agencies, distribution arrangements and partnerships, which in turn have set the solid foundation for our in-house produced Brands: 


Thew Arnott tree logo in gold
Textured dairy products
Textured Foods
A word cloud with all products in GraviTAs line
Word cloud with all products in LeciTAs  line
Word cloud with all products in AraTAs line
Snacks and Dips
Word cloud with all products in HydroTAs line


What are we?

We are problem solvers

Our expertise across different business sectors can be found in the application technologies of 

Thew Arnott tree logo in gold
Rubicks cube ona finger tip

barrier security 


protective coating

dispersion, emulsification, 

fat absorption

powder instantisation

friction reduction, 

lubrication, release & 

rheological control


organoleptic enhancement

shelf-life extension 




Why choose to partner with us?

We can be trusted

Quality and Safety is paramount


We’ve got you covered for all relevant certifications 


We strive to do the right things and to do things right 


If it isn’t broken – we focus on how to improve it through innovation


We don’t make promises we can’t live up to: we can’t be everybody’s ‘darling’

Universal Quality


When were our key milestones?

Key milestones

Oberstdorf Berggipfel

In 1864 our trading roots were established in Wallington, UK; this remains our Global Headquarters to this very day


In 2007 we opened our first production facility in Deeside, UK, initially for LeciTAs Lecithin Systems & followed later by AraTAs Confectionery Coating Systems


In 2020 we acquired Squires Kitchen, a speciality ingredients business in Farnham, UK


Also in 2020, we commissioned our second production facility, initially for LeciTAs Lecithin Systems in Monticello, Illinois in the USA



How can you reach us?

We are accessible anytime, anywhere . . . 


We are the speedboat amongst the oil tankers . . .


welcome aboard!

Speedboat in front of oil tanker loading rack
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